What Elements Should Be Included In Your Homepage?

A homepage is the face of your website. When visitors land on your homepage, it gives them a major idea of whether your website will further interest them or not. The appearance and functionality of your homepage will decide whether the visitors will want to navigate further on your website. So, make sure to have not only an appealing homepage, but one with great functionality too. And for that, you need to focus on your Web designing capabilities and have certain elements included on the page.


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Metrics To Be Measured To Analyze A Link Building Campaign

We have heard a lot about link building and its practices. Obviously, the goal behind link building is to gain links but, this is not the only ultimate goal. There is much more to it than you may know. Links are important for ranking higher in this competitive world and they need to be built to grow the network of a website, improve its visibility online and its reach to a larger set of audience. It is also important to track a few metrics in your campaign in order to ensure that you are moving positively towards these goals. Some metrics may be universal but, there are others that depend on your goals and expectations as an individual business. There are some key performance indicators that enable you to improve every aspect of your link building efforts. Once you start measuring them, you will be able to take necessary steps for any further improvements.


A link campaign can be divided into three basic parts – first being the steps involved in building links, second being the links building successfully, and third involving the process of improving your website’s performance. Let us get into the detail of all these segments and the metrics to be calculated within each category.

Steps involved in building links

This is the segment where you have complete control over all your processes. While there is a lot of work required for a successful link campaign, there are also many metrics to be ranked to monitor internal efficiency and external reports. Marketers need to have enhanced tracking skills to measure the output and effects. The metrics that need to measured at this stage include –

  • Prospecting metrics – Method used, time spent and the number of sites found
  • Quality assurance metrics – Site quality, SEO elements, relevance, time spent and the number of sites removed
  • Outreach metrics – Method of outreach, number of pitches sent, time spent, number of negative/positive replies and reasons for any rejections
  • Content metrics – Type of content, resources required, development time, audience and project issues

Successfully building links

This is where you can have limited control because you cannot make a site link to you. All you can do is promote your advantages in the best strategic way possible. So, market yourself in a way that you can positively influence the decision of the site managers or owners. Metrics involved at this stage include the method used, number of links built, quality of links, date published, site type, industry niche, relevance, tools used and campaign cost.

Improving the performance of your website

You have the least amount of control here. This is the result of all the efforts you have put in. Thus, you need to have expectations and planning done beforehand so that you can easily manage the work involved for building links and the links themselves. The metrics to be measured in this stage are of two types – site-wide and page-specific performance. The site-wide performance includes all traffic, organic traffic, conversions, engagement, keyword growth and ranking. Page-specific performance on the other hand includes all traffic, organic traffic, referral traffic, page value, goal completion, thematic keywords and ranking.

You want more traffic, engagement and conversions? You want to generate more revenue? Then, you need the right kind of link building services to help you with consistent link gaining techniques because nothing happens overnight. Lots of efforts and planning is required. Keep recording the above mentioned metrics every month and every year to analyze where you stand and take necessary steps for improvement.


Links help in improving the ranking of a site as well as improving its visibility and reach online. It is important to track a few metrics in your link building  campaign in order to ensure that you are moving positively towards these goals. Here is a list of some of the basic metrics.

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Direct and Indirect Ranking Signals and SEO

Should SEOs Care Only About Direct Ranking Signals Or Indirect Ones Too?

A very common confusion for SEOs is whether to focus only on direct ranking signals for a website or to consider the indirect ones too. People think that if they can’t really influence the indirect signals, why should they even bother to think about it? Here, in this article, you will realize how important it is to broaden your perspective and consider both direct and indirect ranking signals to have a better search engine optimization strategy.

Direct and indirect ranking signals and SEO

Direct and indirect ranking signals and SEO

What are direct ranking signals?

Direct ranking signals are those that are very obvious, and can be tested and observed. They are those that Google talks about publically and are consistent in Google’s ranking algorithm. Here are some of them –

  • Links – When you earn lots of genuine and relevant new links that point to your page, your ranking goes up. So, links are direct ranking signals.
  • Keywords – You have excellent content about a particular topic but, you aren’t using the words that people are actually looking for. How are you going to rank? Find out what people are typing in the search bar that can lead them to your content and include those targeted keywords in your content to attract the users. This will increase your ranking. So, keywords are direct ranking signals.
  • Loading time – Your page has a loading time of 8 to 10 seconds. You make quite some significant changes that reduce your page loading time to only 2 to 3 seconds. This has Google considering your ranking position and may take you up a step or maybe even a few steps higher. So, your page loading time is a direct ranking signal.

What are indirect ranking signals?

Indirect ranking is when you do something unaware that you are performing actions that may lead to gaining a higher rank for your website on SERPs. Take a look at some examples.

  • Photo/video uploads – You have plain text on your page. You get a relevant photo or video and upload it on your page. This starts interesting your readers, who then start sharing the same. This adds to the users’ time on your page and improves your conversion rate. All of this leads you to higher ranking.
  • Building relationships with influencers – You go to a conference where you meet some new people. One of them, who is a well-known blogger is influenced by you and writes about you and links to your website, due to which your website starts ranking better.
  • Social signals – Someone is inspired by you and likes the products/services you have to offer. He tweets and shares your blogs with his friends and social network. You get more shares and more likes, which suddenly make you very famous. Your fame leads your website to rank higher.

You see how these features affect ranking signals. But, Google never told you that photo uploads or building relationships with influencers or tweets are considered while ranking your page. But, these elements do affect the way Google sees your website. So, these are indirect ranking signals.

Should one focus only on direct ranking signals or indirect ones too?

Direct ranking signals are definitely effective but, they do not leave indirect ones behind. Although indirect ranking features do take a lot of time to influence Google but, they can also have powerful impacts in rankings. You will start ranking higher only when Google starts noticing the positive changes. Changing one small feature will slowly start changing how things circulate and change your position over the Web.

So, instead of sticking to the philosophy that “so and so directly impacts SEO and so I should work on it” and “so and so doesn’t directly impact SEO so, it isn’t my job”, you should take charge of all the direct and indirect elements that can affect your ranking like user experience, engagement, branding, building relationships, and much more. You can have a great search engine optimization strategy if you understand how indirect features impact the direct things. Remember that at times, indirect elements can be more powerful than direct factors.

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What You Need To Understand As A New SEO Analyst?

Whether you are new to SEO or already in the market since years, there are some basic essentials that you must know. Here is a shortlist of these essentials from which you can benefit.



Great content is essential to attract more users. The users must understand your content and connect to it so that you can convert them into customers. It will require lots of time and effort to create good content but, this is important to optimize your website. A great content requires good keywords, which make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Proper keywords can attract higher traffic, which in turn increases the site’s ranking. The content also requires remarkable headings that are an introduction to what the page is about. This is important to attract users and help them stay on the page; hence, improving user experience and SEO.

Title Tags

A title tag is the first thing that users will notice on your page. So, the title tag should be the most attractive part of the page and should be equally descriptive of what the content is about. Search engines also look at title tags to index pages. You must therefore, create a great title tag for your page. In order to do this, you must create a simple, understandable and short title with relevant keywords with your brand name at the end.


URLs describe a page to the visitors and search engines. You must have relevant and accurate URLs to rank well. They must be clean, simple and understandable so that users click on the site and stay on the website, which increases the website’s ranking.

User Experience

As mentioned earlier, SEO is highly dependent on great content. Hence, SEO is about delivering the most relevant content to the users. If you are able to achieve this, then you will create an experience that satisfies the users. Therefore, SEO and user experience go hand in hand. Improving SEO will improve user experience and vice-versa. SEO focuses on what the user wants and is looking for.


Inbound links are an important part of SEO. If there are bad links on websites, there is a penalty charged on them. Thus, links are highly important for a higher ranking of a website on search engines. If there are two websites that are identical and have great content, good keywords and excellent architecture but, one has no inbound links while the other does, then the website with the links ranks higher. The size, structural design, content quality, authority – everything is affected by links. Links build a trust value in the minds of the users towards the website. Thus, it is essential for a website to have reliable back links.

Thus, SEO is all about great content, title tags, relevant URLs, good user experience and great links. In order to bring a higher ranking to your site in search engines, you can get in touch with Jain Technosoft, SEO company in Bangalore to help you with writing great content, providing appropriate title tags and URLs and taking all other necessary measures for your website in order to help it attract traffic and get a higher rank in search engines.


SEO is all about great content, title tags, relevant URLs, good user experience and great links. You must create a website that is accurate regarding all these points in order to satisfy the users and increase your rankings on search engines.

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Google Considers Adding New Factor in Google’s Ranking Algorithm- SSL Site Encryption

Google uses about 200 ranking factors in their algorithm-some are proven, some are controversial.

Matt Cutts at Search Marketing Expo said that he’d like to see Google make SSL site encryption a signal in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Barry Schwartz at SMX sister site Search Engine Land wrote at the time, “Let me be clear, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, did not say it is or it will be part of the ranking algorithm. But he did say that he personally would like to see it happen in 2014”.

Wall Street Journal reported that Cutts also has spoken in private conversations of Google’s interest in making the change, according to a person familiar with the matter. The person says Google’s internal discussions about encryption are still at an early stage and any change wouldn’t happen soon.

A Google spokesman said the company has nothing to announce at this time.

As of now there is no comment from Google but Matt Cutts would love to see Google reward websites that deploy better security.

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SEO Services Bangalore

Brief history related to SEO:
SEO is probably the sensible marketing techniques producing your Company to be able to greatest level, there can be ‘n’ volume of recommendations near to an individual, nevertheless channelizing people recommendations in addition to choosing 1 idea which will gear upwards your Company is important. Inside the starting related to web enhancement, the particular clients have been related to best team, the data available to the particular clients have been small. Admittance related to web have been restricted after which handful of businesses of various schools. Together with plenty of analysis, at this time online marketing is growing significantly inside industry, if you’d like your website to remain greatest positioning, consider this, the amount of sensible your personal web site design needs to be.
Nowadays we’ve a lot of site, are usually these folks useful to most of us? Several options is going to be certainly and several may answer simply no, every thing is determined by the requirements you’ve. Developing a excellent top quality site is really 1 dream story, at this time just how will you current your personal product to be able to clients. It might be completed by way of on the web online marketing, you will notice wide range of site visitors, if the web site design is really a lot more groundbreaking using the needed data next undoubtedly you will be inside greatest positioning. While using improvement inside web techniques, internet provided an easy method regarding e-commerce in addition to internet marketing. You need to be aware the particular significance related to ranked final results, that’s utilizing a big impact on the particular site visitors going to web site. If you discover plenty of earnings inside companies, smart decision related to marketing their very own site is really online marketing.
Explanation related to SEO:
Numerous SEO specialists figure out SEO in a variety of technique, inside simple search engine optimization could be the very particular process of improving the grade of web site traffic with a site using a quantity of specific verified SEO techniques which will make an online site profitable. Basically it is a stand-alone assistance; engines like google skilled incorporated a range of undisclosed components inside their placement algorithms to reduce the particular impact related to website link realignment. The major search engines industry provides vary from industry to advertise, simply because may rivals, SEO is not an important method for almost just about all site every thing is dependent upon web site operator’s goal. In case your primary search results placement your site it is exclusively based by yourself optimization leading to some bigger qualified site visitors. SEO is merely a great in addition to wise enjoying region which will level your organization positioning; no matter your organization actually are lots of money 500 companies as well as brand-new company wanting to get observed in the actual intense region. To become profitable marketing campaign, create a top quality related to web pages, to ensure a lot more site visitors data for the web site. 1 must be wise adequate inside advertising their own product by way of on the web, this is not the actual personally communicating type of organization to produce excellent effect for that customers, it’s an online business. Via watching your website design companies in addition to keywords and phrases, a lot more customers approach to an individual. Lots of people try to utilize extreme procedures to improve their very own Company, in addition to this sort of internet sites will probably be banned within the search results.

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