What You Need To Understand As A New SEO Analyst?

Whether you are new to SEO or already in the market since years, there are some basic essentials that you must know. Here is a shortlist of these essentials from which you can benefit.



Great content is essential to attract more users. The users must understand your content and connect to it so that you can convert them into customers. It will require lots of time and effort to create good content but, this is important to optimize your website. A great content requires good keywords, which make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Proper keywords can attract higher traffic, which in turn increases the site’s ranking. The content also requires remarkable headings that are an introduction to what the page is about. This is important to attract users and help them stay on the page; hence, improving user experience and SEO.

Title Tags

A title tag is the first thing that users will notice on your page. So, the title tag should be the most attractive part of the page and should be equally descriptive of what the content is about. Search engines also look at title tags to index pages. You must therefore, create a great title tag for your page. In order to do this, you must create a simple, understandable and short title with relevant keywords with your brand name at the end.


URLs describe a page to the visitors and search engines. You must have relevant and accurate URLs to rank well. They must be clean, simple and understandable so that users click on the site and stay on the website, which increases the website’s ranking.

User Experience

As mentioned earlier, SEO is highly dependent on great content. Hence, SEO is about delivering the most relevant content to the users. If you are able to achieve this, then you will create an experience that satisfies the users. Therefore, SEO and user experience go hand in hand. Improving SEO will improve user experience and vice-versa. SEO focuses on what the user wants and is looking for.


Inbound links are an important part of SEO. If there are bad links on websites, there is a penalty charged on them. Thus, links are highly important for a higher ranking of a website on search engines. If there are two websites that are identical and have great content, good keywords and excellent architecture but, one has no inbound links while the other does, then the website with the links ranks higher. The size, structural design, content quality, authority – everything is affected by links. Links build a trust value in the minds of the users towards the website. Thus, it is essential for a website to have reliable back links.

Thus, SEO is all about great content, title tags, relevant URLs, good user experience and great links. In order to bring a higher ranking to your site in search engines, you can get in touch with Jain Technosoft, SEO company in Bangalore to help you with writing great content, providing appropriate title tags and URLs and taking all other necessary measures for your website in order to help it attract traffic and get a higher rank in search engines.


SEO is all about great content, title tags, relevant URLs, good user experience and great links. You must create a website that is accurate regarding all these points in order to satisfy the users and increase your rankings on search engines.


About Karen Jain

Karen Jain is the SEO Consultant for Jain Technosoft, a company which provides website design & development services in Bangalore, India. With years of rich experience in website design & SEO industry, Karen’s expertise include quality customer service and other marketing strategy which is related to business
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