Metrics To Be Measured To Analyze A Link Building Campaign

We have heard a lot about link building and its practices. Obviously, the goal behind link building is to gain links but, this is not the only ultimate goal. There is much more to it than you may know. Links are important for ranking higher in this competitive world and they need to be built to grow the network of a website, improve its visibility online and its reach to a larger set of audience. It is also important to track a few metrics in your campaign in order to ensure that you are moving positively towards these goals. Some metrics may be universal but, there are others that depend on your goals and expectations as an individual business. There are some key performance indicators that enable you to improve every aspect of your link building efforts. Once you start measuring them, you will be able to take necessary steps for any further improvements.


A link campaign can be divided into three basic parts – first being the steps involved in building links, second being the links building successfully, and third involving the process of improving your website’s performance. Let us get into the detail of all these segments and the metrics to be calculated within each category.

Steps involved in building links

This is the segment where you have complete control over all your processes. While there is a lot of work required for a successful link campaign, there are also many metrics to be ranked to monitor internal efficiency and external reports. Marketers need to have enhanced tracking skills to measure the output and effects. The metrics that need to measured at this stage include –

  • Prospecting metrics – Method used, time spent and the number of sites found
  • Quality assurance metrics – Site quality, SEO elements, relevance, time spent and the number of sites removed
  • Outreach metrics – Method of outreach, number of pitches sent, time spent, number of negative/positive replies and reasons for any rejections
  • Content metrics – Type of content, resources required, development time, audience and project issues

Successfully building links

This is where you can have limited control because you cannot make a site link to you. All you can do is promote your advantages in the best strategic way possible. So, market yourself in a way that you can positively influence the decision of the site managers or owners. Metrics involved at this stage include the method used, number of links built, quality of links, date published, site type, industry niche, relevance, tools used and campaign cost.

Improving the performance of your website

You have the least amount of control here. This is the result of all the efforts you have put in. Thus, you need to have expectations and planning done beforehand so that you can easily manage the work involved for building links and the links themselves. The metrics to be measured in this stage are of two types – site-wide and page-specific performance. The site-wide performance includes all traffic, organic traffic, conversions, engagement, keyword growth and ranking. Page-specific performance on the other hand includes all traffic, organic traffic, referral traffic, page value, goal completion, thematic keywords and ranking.

You want more traffic, engagement and conversions? You want to generate more revenue? Then, you need the right kind of link building services to help you with consistent link gaining techniques because nothing happens overnight. Lots of efforts and planning is required. Keep recording the above mentioned metrics every month and every year to analyze where you stand and take necessary steps for improvement.


Links help in improving the ranking of a site as well as improving its visibility and reach online. It is important to track a few metrics in your link building  campaign in order to ensure that you are moving positively towards these goals. Here is a list of some of the basic metrics.


About Karen Jain

Karen Jain is the SEO Consultant for Jain Technosoft, a company which provides website design & development services in Bangalore, India. With years of rich experience in website design & SEO industry, Karen’s expertise include quality customer service and other marketing strategy which is related to business
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