What Elements Should Be Included In Your Homepage?

A homepage is the face of your website. When visitors land on your homepage, it gives them a major idea of whether your website will further interest them or not. The appearance and functionality of your homepage will decide whether the visitors will want to navigate further on your website. So, make sure to have not only an appealing homepage, but one with great functionality too. And for that, you need to focus on your Web designing capabilities and have certain elements included on the page.



Your homepage will provide a comprehensive insight into what your business is about. So, make sure it is well-written and devoid of ill-chosen words, poorly built sentences and grammatical mistakes. Hire the best content writers to do the job for you instead of writing it out yourself. This will not only help you have great quality content that will definitely work for you, but will also keep it devoid of mistakes.

Added value

Your visitors will be with you only if your business provides value to them. Your homepage has to capture the heart of what you do, or else your visitors are not going to stick around to find out. Let them know what you do as soon as they land on your homepage so that they can analyze how valuable you are for them. Your value statement needn’t be too long, but it definitely needs to capture the essence of your business.

Contact information

Your detailed contact information will be a way to tell your visitors that you can be trusted. Unless you prove to be trustworthy, they may not provide you with details regarding their email address, credit card details, etc. So, make sure you provide all your information first before asking them for the same. Your information must include your complete address, phone number, email address and all that is possible.


Videos are gaining both importance and popularity today. We all are better viewers than readers, which is why videos appeal more to us than written text. So, put together a well-compiled short video on your homepage combining all the essentials of your business. However, make sure it is a high-quality video that will allure the visitors.


Make sure to have simple, uncomplicated and minimum amount of navigation. Keep the steps to the minimum and reduce the number of clicks your visitors have to use to reach where they wish to. Making it easier for visitors to get to different pages on your site will keep them interested.

Social media buttons

It is the world of social media today; so include social media buttons on your page. It isn’t definite that everybody will click on them, but it is likely that those who want to follow you and keep track of you will likely click and convert into customers. Remember to place these buttons above the fold either along the top or the left-hand side of the page, where they will be clearly visible.


In the present time, less is more. Get rid of cluttered layouts that have lots of elements competing for attention. Keep it simple with enough white space to break up the clutter and help visitors focus on what you want them to look at. Moreover, clutter adds to reducing the loading speed of the page, and you definitely don’t want that, do you?

When you have all these elements included and taken care of on your homepage, there will be more people visiting and staying on your page. This will have search engines considering your reliability and rank you higher on SERPs. For other means of building better SEO for your site, you can get in touch with the best SEO Company in Bangalore, who will help keep your site updated as per the changing trends in the industry.


A homepage is the face of a website that gives a major idea of what the website is about. Designing a homepage in a way that it has visitors compelled to further navigate your site is important. Make sure to include these elements proportionately for the best results.


About Karen Jain

Karen Jain is the SEO Consultant for Jain Technosoft, a company which provides website design & development services in Bangalore, India. With years of rich experience in website design & SEO industry, Karen’s expertise include quality customer service and other marketing strategy which is related to business
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